Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestral Association, which is the not-for-profit corporation that operates the MSO. The MSOA, through the Board, hires the Music Director and Executive Director; sets the budget and manages contributions and bank accounts; files tax returns; contracts with venues and artists; and pays the expenses of the Orchestra. Ron Lattin, Executive Director, executes many of these activities on behalf of the Board.

Board Officers
Kristine Oberg* – President                                       
Emily Doyle* – Vice President                           
Stuart Ronkainen* – Treasurer                            
Tracy Carr* – Secretary 

Board Members                             
Mary Ann Aufderheide*
Brenna Bast*
Lena Cicha*      
Ellen Cornwall*
Kris Kautzman
Mary Laurie*
Lisa Lewis
Heather Phillips*
Aaron Swearingen
Jim Waldo

* Denotes Orchestra Member

Non-Voting Members
Ron Lattin, Executive Director

The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra board utilizes various committees, each chaired by a member of the board, whose responsibility it is to determine the overall direction of the organization in the following areas: Development, Finance, Marketing, Tech, and Board Governance. During the course of a project, each committee will meet monthly with the Music Director and/or Executive Director to monitor the orchestra’s financial and logistical ability to complete each phase of the project, and to evaluate the success of each concert upon its completion. The Board in its entirety will meet bi-monthly to ensure that the needs of the orchestra and its constituents are met pursuant to the MSO’s Mission Statement.