Auditions & Substitute List

The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra is made up of some of the area’s finest professional and amateur instrumentalists, all of whom play as volunteers. Many of our members are professional musicians who play with the MSO not for pay but to be able to enjoy our unique performing experiences and challenging repertoire. We work with our host organizations to present and promote symphonic performances for diverse audiences, and we enjoy significant financial support from our audience members and other supporters. Rehearsals are on Tuesday from 7:00pm-9:30pm at Central Lutheran Church in downtown Minneapolis.

We also rely on voluntary player donations and the vast majority of our musicians contribute some funds as well as their talent. These donations, which range from $60 to over $1,000, are not required, but much appreciated. Our budget is based on an expectation that those who are financially able will donate at least $150 (and most musicians donate at this level or higher), but we understand that not everyone is able to contribute at this level.

Music Director Position Announcement

The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra (MSO) is seeking applicants for the position of Music Director. 

The Music Director is responsible for the artistic direction of the orchestra, including programming and conducting rehearsals and concerts as well as overseeing audition processes. This individual will work in close consultation with the Executive Director, Board of Directors, and members of the Orchestra within the limits set by the budget and in accordance with the terms of the working agreements with musicians and guest artists. The Music Director also attends MSO Board meetings as a non-voting member of the Board. 

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String auditions are scheduled through the Personnel Manager. Please use this link to email the MSO Personnel Manager regarding Auditions ( or call the MSO office at 612-567-6724. State your orchestral instrument and give your full name and contact information. We will then contact you regarding an audition. Please prepare the music excerpts linked below as well as a two minute unaccompanied solo of your choice.

  Audition Excerpts (PDFs)

Auditions for winds, brass and percussion: Currently there are no chairs open for these positions. Please consider auditioning to be on the substitute list.

Substitute List: If you would like to audition for MSO’s substitute list (any instrument), please use this link to email the MSO Personnel Manager ( or call the MSO office at 612-567-6724. Please state your orchestral instrument and give your full name and contact information. We will be in touch regarding your audition.