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MSO Composers’ Round Table

With Carol Barnett, Jocelyn Hagen, and Polina Nazaykinskaya

The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra’s fourth free online video project of our 39th season, MSO Composers’ Round Table (With Carol Barnett, Jocelyn Hagen, and Polina Nazaykinskaya), focuses on three composers whose works we have recently commissioned and performed. New music has been an integral part of the MSO since our first season, challenging, delighting, and enlightening our musicians and audiences for almost 40 years.

Former MSO Music Director William Schrickel explores the commissioned works as well as the current state of the art of orchestral composition with Carol Barnett, Jocelyn Hagen, and Polina Nazaykinskaya by means of individual interviews and a group round table discussion.

This video is free, but contributions are graciously accepted!

MSO FAMILY CONCERTS: Rated “E” for Everyone

The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra’s third free online video project of our 39th season, MSO FAMILY CONCERTS: Rated “E” for Everyone, highlights our annual one-hour family-friendly concerts.  Since our early years as the Central Chamber Orchestra, the MSO has performed music for audience members from ages three to ninety-three, with opportunities for them to see and play our instruments after the performances. These concerts have served as an introduction to live symphony performances for many who have attended. 

Hosted once again by former MSO Music Director William Schrickel, this video includes stories from MSO musicians Melissa Morey, Jeffrey Ohlmann, Karen Olson, and Michael Engh; MSO co-founder Jim Waldo;  and interviews with narrator Jake Endres and some young MSO audience members. 

A Few Words About Argento

The MSO’s second free online video project of our 39th season, A Few Words About Argento, focuses on our collaboration with our recently deceased Composer Laureate Dominick Argento. Former MSO Music Director William Schrickel hosts this celebration of Argento’s orchestral music and his relationship with the MSO. The program includes interviews with some of Argento’s closest friends and collaborators: VocalEssence Founder and Artistic Director Philip Brunelle; soprano Maria Jette; tenor Vern Sutton; composer Carol Barnett; and poet and colleague Pat Solstad.  The video also features stories from mezzo-soprano Clara Osowski, baritone Jake Endres, MSO violinist and composer Linda Tutas Haugen, and MSO Executive Director and percussionist Jon Lewis.  

Watch A Few Words About Argento with the YouTube link below.

William Schrickel hosts The Mahler Project. Video by Ethan Johnson.
Linda Tutas Haugen on Dominick Argento
Jake Endres on Dominick Argento
Clara Osowski on Dominick Argento
Julie Brusen on Dominick Argento
Jon Lewis on Dominick Argento and the MSO

The Mahler Project

Our 39th season, the 21st with Music Director William Schrickel, starts with this free online video event! Schrickel hosts an exploration of composer Gustav Mahler and his 5th Symphony. Using musical excerpts played by MSO musicians and interviews with MSO collaborators, including conductor Osmo Vänskä, composer Carol Barnett, and mezzo-soprano Clara Osowski, Schrickel examines Mahler’s life and the circumstances under which he composed his 5th Symphony. This event also features some MSO musicians telling stories of their own experiences with Mahler’s music. Even though we cannot gather together in person, we can still connect through music. 

Watch The Mahler Project with the YouTube link below. Just press Play!

William Schrickel hosts The Mahler Project. Video by Ethan Johnson.
MSO Executive Director Jon Lewis, and MSO percussionist, on Mahler
Julie Brusen, MSO Principal Oboe, on Mahler
Barb Savereide, MSO Concertmaster, on Mahler
Tom Peterson, MSO violin, and Heather Phillips, MSO viola, on Mahler
Karen Blacik, MSO violin, on Mahler