Roseville Concert:

Sunday, May 21, 2023 (Note: this is a change from our original date of 5/14)
Roseville Lutheran Church
1215 Roselawn Avenue West, Roseville, MN

William Schrickel, conductor

Roque Cordero — Adagio Trágico for String Orchestra (Twin Cities Premiere)
Hector Berlioz — Symphonie Fantastique

Panamanian composer Roque Cordero studied with Ernst Krenek at Hamline University from 1943-1947. Hector Berlioz composed his Symphonie Fantastique, which he subtitled Episode in the Life of an Artist, in Paris in 1830. The work makes use of a recurring theme, an idée fixe, that represents the woman who is the object of “the artist’s” opium-addled, all-consuming, and unrequited love. The theme variously depicts the woman when she is first viewed by the artist, when he sees her again waltzing at a ball, when his thoughts turn to her during a pastoral outing in the country, when she shows up to gloat while watching the artist’s public beheading at the guillotine, and finally when she is transformed into a hellish cackling shrew in the middle of a demonic Witches’ Sabbath. Join us as the MSO and William Schrickel bring down the curtain on the orchestra’s 40th Anniversary Season with Berlioz’ shocking, virtuosic tour de force. 

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