NOTE IN 2022 FROM KAREN: I created these short tutorials in 2013. WordPress has changed a lot since then but they are still helpful for showing tasks of various user roles.

These videos are introductions to the MSO sites which are created and managed in WordPress. I hope they’ll be helpful as you begin authoring posts on the public and member sites, directly in your own browser. Try having 2 browser windows open — Play the videos in one while you mouse along in another, and have at it!

NOTE: Click on each image below to play. You can enlarge the video to your full screen. At the end of each video, use your back button to return to this page, or just type msomn.org/tutorials/ into your browser.
– Karen

1. This 4-minute video introduces the public site to those with Author and Admin roles:


2. This 12-minute video shows how to log-in to the public site as an Author or Admin, introduces the Author dashboard, and shows how to make posts to the News page:


3. This 8-minute video introduces the MSO Members site in Subscriber mode, (MSO musicians are Subscribers), and it explains logging in as a musician vs. logging in as Author or Admin in order to post or make edits:


4. This 20-minute video shows how to log-in to MSO Members as Author, Editor or Admin to make posts to the Announcements & Rehearsal Notes page. It also introduces the Admin dashboard and shows how to set Calendar events:

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Calendar is DIFFERENT from this tutorial. It is now owned by the Google account, musician.shared@msomn.org, and is nested on the member home page.
If you need to edit the Calendar, here is the link to edit it in a Google browser window (if you have the Musician Shared PW):