These videos are introductions to the new MSO sites which are created and managed in WordPress. I hope they’ll be helpful as you begin authoring posts on the public and member sites, directly in your own browser. Try having 2 browser windows open — Play the videos in one while you mouse along in another, and have at it!

NOTE: Click on each image below to play. If you don’t have play/pause buttons, let me know and I will add the javascript. Enlarge the video to your full screen. At the end of each video, use your back button to return to this page, or just type msomn.org/tutorials/ into your browser.
– Karen

1. This 4-minute video introduces the public site to those with Author and Admin roles:


2. This 12-minute video shows how to log-in to the public site as an Author or Admin, introduces the Author dashboard, and shows how to make posts to the News page:


3. This 8-minute video introduces the MSO Members site in Subscriber mode, (MSO musicians are Subscribers), and it explains logging in as a musician vs. logging in as Author or Admin in order to post or make edits:


This 20-minute video shows how to log-in to MSO Members as Author or Admin to make posts to the Announcements & Rehearsal Notes page. It also introduces the Admin dashboard and shows how to set Calendar events: