The Spacious Music of Orlando Jacinto Garcia

Submitted by MSO Board Member Kris Kautzman

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been way over-scheduled the past few weeks, and craving some time to just sit and watch the clouds go by. On Tuesday, as waves of rain blew into the Twin Cities, I not only got that chance to sit and watch the dramatic sky — I also discovered a great soundtrack for the activity! Cuban-American composer and educator Orlando Jacinto Garcia (b. 1954) is known for compositions that are “time suspended- haunting sonic explorations.” His catalog includes more than 200 works for strings, solo instruments, voice, chorus, orchestra, electronics – and combinations of all of the above! There is a fascinating list of works to explore on his website. 

What caught my eye this week was an album of his orchestral works, recently uploaded to YouTube. Orlando Jacinto García: Orchestral Music, Vol. 2 is a collection of four works inspired by nature; three concertos with orchestra for violin, piano, and clarinet; and a piece for full orchestra. The music is minimal and lyrical at the same time, and I really did feel like time was suspended. The next time you need to take a break and lose yourself in some spacious music, I recommend spending 14 minutes listening to “The Distant Wind II.” Enjoy!