Symphonic Spring Was A Great Success!

Our fundraising party on Saturday, March 24 was a huge success, raising over $8,000 for the MSO. Thanks to all who came and even more thanks to those who spent money.
Many hugs and thanks to all who organized, planned, and helped out in this event.
Our Symphonic Spring Committee was:
Kate Saumur
Joan Cochran
Julie Brusen
Tom Niemisto
Jeff Bina
Mary Ann Aufderheide
Katherine Eklund
Allison Eklund
Lena Cicha
Stuart Ronkainen
Jon Lewis
Our Wonderfully Talented Musicians were:
Nicole Christopher
Mary Laurie
Jim Waldo
Others Who Helped A Lot were:
Kate Berning-Alfred
Jason Alfred
Mike Stevens
Brian Anderson
Karen Anderson
Paul Zbaracki
Bill Schrickel
A great time was had by all. Thanks for the most successful MSO fundraiser ever!